Model: Chelsie Rae
Chelsie now moves on to use a blue glass dildo. After masturbating with it briefly she flips over to pose doggy style with her ass in the air. There's not so much masturbation with the glass toy as she mostly just lets it stick out of her pussy like a pussy ornament while she fiddles with her clit and fingers her ass hole. In the last part of this clip she frequently puts the dildo up her pussy and either pushes it out with her pussy muscles or just lets it fall out. There's lots of very nice close ups views up her flawless pussy and ass throughout all of this.

Clara masturbates with her ass in your face
Model: Clara G
While still lying on her side on the couch Clara masturbates with her ass in your face. She constantly dips her fingers in and out of her pussy and you can sometimes see her anus squeezing at the same time. She continues with lots of nice pussy rubbing and probing while lying on her back with her knees up. There camera angle is perfect for a decent view of all her pretty bits with her lovely curves bulging in your face.

Model: Evelin
Evelin's video starts out with a whole lot of non stop ass worshipping. She strips out of her little pink shorts and shows off her ass first standing over your face and then on all fours and lying on her front. There's lots of great ass spreading right in your face and a little bit of butt jiggling as well. Evelin has an unusual extra fold of skin on one side of her anus (not seen in pictures) which, depending on your perspective, you may find either fascinating or distracting.

Ass spreading right in your face
Model: Misty Stone
Misty spreads out on the bed and gets a real thorough pussy and ass massage with lots of oil. The focus is on her beautiful glistening ass more so than the pussy and your view is looking straight up her ass most of the time. It starts out quite tame but gets pretty vigorous towards the end as she bucks around under the massaging hands. There's a brief period where she flips over onto her back for a better pussy rub and also another section of close up butt crack views showing the oil flowing down over her anus. Warning: don't view this is you don't like male hands.

Really nice close up view
Model: Jassie
Jassie does a little strip tease peeling out of her camouflage colored bikini under the palm trees in sunny California. You get a nice view of her pencil eraser nipples and later a nice spread ass view with her bikini pulled aside. This is all non stop butt spreading and bouncing as viewed from right under her ass. There's a lot of motion involved in this clip so don't bother with this one if you want her to just hold it open. On the other hand if you like bouncing buttocks you can really soak your brains in this one. Just like the rest of her, her ass is completely flawless.

Close Up
Model: Amber Rayne
There's a little more acting involved in this clip than the usual inthecrack video as Amber plays the school girl role. While leaving home for school she gets distracted with a girly magazine on the stairs and starts to strip off play with herself. There's a great pose as she stands with one leg raised up high and we view from underneath while she spreads both her pussy and her ass hole wide open. The anal spreading is pretty hardcore and probably not to everyone's taste but if it's your thing you may love it.

Model: Vicky
Vicky squats over the bathroom sink and pees into the sink. After she's done peeing we get a really nice close up view of her pussy while she rubs it and then wipes it with toilet paper. We get right up close to Vicky's spread open pussy while she pees lying in the bath tub. You get right in the stream to ogle the whole thing at microscopic distance. She even holds her pussy wide open at the same time.

Butt Inspection
Model: Elena Rivera
Standing beside the pool Elena shows off her fabulous rear end, first in her bikini, but then completely naked for most of this clip. She does lots of spectacular ass spreading right in your face and then bends over on all fours spreading her ass hard so even her ass hole gapes open at times. Her ass curves are amazing in the bend over position. She's got a gorgeous plump rump that moves and jiggles beautifully as she bounces it with her hands.

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